Items SOLD OUT at Mostar Store!

We've been meaning to update our inventories. Our little store started with some shirts, some music, and some rare stuffs. Well, we're glad (and slightly saddened) to announce that we have sold out of some of the rarer items in our store. If you're looking for the things that now say 'SOLD OUT' on them, you can always try Amazon. 

You can check the store to see what's left - for now. New music, new t-shirts, and new other cool stuff coming in the not-too-distant future. Thank you to everybody who bought the buttons, 7" records, shirts, and CDs. The U.S., Ireland, Germany, Argentina, and Britain now have more Mostar merch all up in them! Oh, and thank you for the messages regarding The Future Shape of Sound, as well. An excellent former Mostar artist worth looking up! We no longer carry any TFSOS merchandise.