Welcome to the new Mostar Records site!

There is so much news we have to tell you about little ol' Mostar Records! But, for now, we will start with our new website. On it, we've put all our current releases, all with clickthrough links to take you to listen, buy, and share. Going into 2017, we have a decent roster that includes American acts, The Dangerous Idiots, Duckstronaut, Slept, Peckerwolf, as well as international band Techno Squid Eats Parliament. We've put some quotes about each band, to help those unfamiliar with them get better acquainted. As well, we soft released a single by Jamie Lou and the Hullaballoo a few months back, and you can hear that as well on the new site. 

We'll be back to tell you more about what's new for Mostar Records, what we've been doing in the interim between owners, and what is in store for the future. Spoilers: a lot of fundamentally rad music. Because that's one thing Mostar Records has always done, given you the very best in underground music. Bye for now. We'll talk soon.