About Mostar Records

Dusty beats, vinyl crackle, distorted riffs, hypnotic electronica, soaring film scores, creeping groove, pounding bass, disquieting lo-fi, edgy pop rush, infectiously underground.

This is Mostar Records – where things are done a little differently.

We don’t care what the genre is. We just want music with a little edge; the pure music that the real fans of any genre listen to, and not the tracks that blur the edges and covet mass adoration.

In the process we have built a reputation for spotting and nurturing some of the finest underground talent from across the globe – from rock and indie through to drum n’ bass and lo-fi; establishing Mostar Records as one of the world’s most compelling, 100% independent record labels.


info [at] mostarrecords.com

P.O. Box 250583, Little Rock, AR, 72205